3 plantain porridge

Jamaican Plantain Porridge Breakfast

Plantain porridge is not something you hear about everyday. It’s not usually available on your restaurant’s menu, and even in households today, it’s rarely prepared. That’s a shame, because this delicious porridge is more delicious than even the most popular porridge around. Not only tasty, it’s also packed with health benefits, making it an ideal […]

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more fish

Fried Fish and Festival – Jamaican Classic

For those not of Jamaican culture, the title alone will have you wondering, “what’s festival”? Have no fear, by the end of this short blog post, you’ll be 100% familiar and knowledgeable about the famous “Festival”. For one to appreciate this amazing combination, no knowledge of it’s history is needed. Simply find a knowledgeable Jamaican […]

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callaloo and saltfish with fried breadfruit and dumplings

Fried Dumplings and Breadfruit with Callaloo and Saltfish

There’s typically no set rule to making a delicious Jamaican Style Breakfast. From soup to fried food, we are completely diverse in our breakfast menu. Today we have a special breakfast dish to share with you; Fried Dumplings and Breadfruit with Callaloo and Saltfish. Sounds long, and absolutely lives up to it’s name. Crunchy on […]

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Oxtail Dinner

Jamaican Oxtail with Rice and Peas Dinner

Absolutely delicious combination of savory greatness in one plate. From the spices to the cucumber slices, your taste buds are in for a tasty treat with this meal. Flavorful and colorful, you’re sure to try this amazing dish over and over again. Many tend to over-indulge in this dish, as its aroma is ever so […]

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Jamaican Beef Soup

Jamaican Style Beef Soup

The traditional Jamaican Beef Soup is a favorite of all who’ve had the chance to taste it. When prepared correctly, the unique, thick and flavorful combination of all the ingredients will satisfy your taste buds. The most common choice in rainy and cold whether for Jamaicans. Some are not picky with the season of the whether, […]

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Boiled Dumplings, Yams, Banana, Dasheen w/Corned Beef and Cabbage

Craving a really heavy Jamaican breakfast, lunch or dinner? This Jamaican-Inspired dish will leave you completely fulfilled and satisfied. Today we’re having Boiled dumplings, yam, banana, and Dasheen w/corned beef and cabbage. Yea, it’s definitely a mouthful and a belly-full as well. Corned Beef is one of those meats that is so versatile, we Jamaicans mix […]

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Brown Stew Turkey Wing w/Rice and Peas and Veggies

Jamaican inspired seasonings, brings out the best in brown stewed turkey wings or legs. North Americans are rather particular about how this traditional recipe is prepared. In Jamaica, turkey neck is more popular than wings, although middle-class citizens enjoy this expensive meal. Brown stew turkey wing w/rice and peas and veggies are commonly prepared in the […]

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