snapper n white yam

White Lane Snapper with White Yam

Breakfast has never been this good in a long time. I mostly have home cooked breakfast, but a meal of this magnitude is beyond delightful. For one, finding some good white yam is very hard here in the states. Coupled with white lane snapper, fried then stewed in simple fresh seasonings and irish potato is […]

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ripe plantains fried

Breakfast: Fried Ripe Plantains

Can never get enough of this tasty breakfast snack. Fried ripe plantains has been around for many centuries, and I’m a big fan of having just this and some tea or even make sandwiches for breakfast. The rich golden brown and sweet taste is just amazing. Fills you up just enough to start your day […]

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Jamaican Land Crabs in December 2016 (Vacation Videos)

One of my absolute favorite things to get whenever I visit Jamaica. The blue land crabs, live version! [huge_it_video_player id=”6″] These little crustaceans are so tasty, I eat them anytime I visit. Fierce and sometimes difficult to catch, they’re well worth the hassle. Be careful of their quick and dangerous claws, as they can cause […]

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shells in bag

Pistachios Maker “Wonderful Pistachios” Voluntarily Recalls Pistachios Due to Possible Health Risk

For Immediate Release Document date: March 10, 2016 Contact 844-505-3844 Announcement View Product Photos LOST HILLS, Calif. – Wonderful Pistachios announced that it is voluntarily recalling a limited number of flavors and sizes of in-shell and shelled pistachios due to a risk of Salmonella contamination. Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes […]

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