white yam and saltfish

White Yam and Saltfish

I just LOVE white yam! Also called “Renta Yam” by native Jamaicans, this type of yam is soft when cooked and very delicious. It can be roasted, and if you have left overs from boiled yam, it can be fried. Fried leftovers is a popular Jamaican breakfast around the island. Yet, you won’t find many […]

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fried plantains steam fish

Steamed Fish with Fried Plantains

Jamaicans love seafood, especially fish. Almost freely available in most countryside of the Jamaican landscape is the cousin to the banana, we call it Plantains. Sometimes ripe, sometimes green, we love them all. We typically fry them both and sometimes place the ripe plantains in boiled food. Plantains are very easy to cook, and a […]

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