Why Microwaves are Dangerous

Microwaves have been on constant debate shortly after it’s invention and testing was done. Many independent research suggests that microwaves kill food. It changes the molecular structure of anything the radio waves heat up. Microwave Sickness When your tissues are directly exposed to microwaves, the same violent deformations occur and can cause “microwave sickness.” People […]

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Brown Stew Turkey Wing w/Rice and Peas and Veggies

Jamaican inspired seasonings, brings out the best in brown stewed turkey wings or legs. North Americans are rather particular about how this traditional recipe is prepared. In Jamaica, turkey neck is more popular than wings, although middle-class citizens enjoy this expensive meal. Brown stew turkey wing w/rice and peas and veggies are commonly prepared in the […]

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Oxtail w/Rice and Peas and Veggies + Lemonade – Jamaican Sunday Dinner

Jamaican Sunday dinner is considered the best meal of the week. Seemingly ironic, as Sunday is actually the start of the week for most of the world, including Jamaica. Non-The-Less, on Sundays its traditional for Jamaicans turn-up or celebrate with the biggest and best meal of the week. On the top 10 list is the Jamaican […]

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Watermelon and Cucumber Juice – All Natural Made From Scratch

We all love watermelon! From children to adults, we all enjoy this juicy and sweet fruit that’s available all year round in some places. They come in various species, sizes and tastes. I can’t imagine anyone never having this fruit, but it’s possible, and I’ll just say, yes you’re definitely missing out on some amazing […]

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