dumplings and ground food bfast

Saltfish with Boiled Dumpling and Ground Food – Jamaican Breakfast

Jamaicans have grown so accustomed to dumplings and ground food that it’s virtually inseparable from the Jamaican culture. Everything tastes better with some dumplings, fried or boiled. I’ve even roasted dough/dumplings and it still tastes good! Ok, I digress, back to the delicious menu at hand! Here we have Sauteed saltfish with Dumplings and ground […]

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ackee dinner

Ackee and Saltifish Dinner

Morning, Noon or Evening, Jamaicans LOVE ackee and saltfish. Today I’m having Ackee and Saltfish with Yam, Sweet Potato and boiled banana. Dinner it is, delicious it is, and full I am! 🙂 Finishing the meal with some Orange-Mango juice, it’s just perfect. Ever been filled and still feel like you would eat some more […]

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Why Microwaves are Dangerous

Microwaves have been on constant debate shortly after it’s invention and testing was done. Many independent research suggests that microwaves kill food. It changes the molecular structure of anything the radio waves heat up. Microwave Sickness When your tissues are directly exposed to microwaves, the same violent deformations occur and can cause “microwave sickness.” People […]

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