Jamaican Land Crabs in December 2016 (Vacation Videos)

One of my absolute favorite things to get whenever I visit Jamaica. The blue land crabs, live version! [huge_it_video_player id=”6″] These little crustaceans are so tasty, I eat them anytime I visit. Fierce and sometimes difficult to catch, they’re well worth the hassle. Be careful of their quick and dangerous claws, as they can cause […]

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ackee dinner

Ackee and Saltifish Dinner

Morning, Noon or Evening, Jamaicans LOVE ackee and saltfish. Today I’m having Ackee and Saltfish with Yam, Sweet Potato and boiled banana. Dinner it is, delicious it is, and full I am! 🙂 Finishing the meal with some Orange-Mango juice, it’s just perfect. Ever been filled and still feel like you would eat some more […]

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fried plantains steam fish

Steamed Fish with Fried Plantains

Jamaicans love seafood, especially fish. Almost freely available in most countryside of the Jamaican landscape is the cousin to the banana, we call it Plantains. Sometimes ripe, sometimes green, we love them all. We typically fry them both and sometimes place the ripe plantains in boiled food. Plantains are very easy to cook, and a […]

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