sugar cane stalk

Growing Sugar Cane From Seeds

I know, I know we all see sugar cane but never wondered how they came about. I for one grew up in Jamaica, where sugar cane is abundant. I’ve always followed what other farmers or common people have done (or what I’ve seen them do), plant the heads or sprouting joints. This produces a bundle […]

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Watermelon and Cucumber Juice – All Natural Made From Scratch

We all love watermelon! From children to adults, we all enjoy this juicy and sweet fruit that’s available all year round in some places. They come in various species, sizes and tastes. I can’t imagine anyone never having this fruit, but it’s possible, and I’ll just say, yes you’re definitely missing out on some amazing […]

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dish with pineapple

Pineapple as a healthy snack

The Pineapple, typically a tropical fruit, is laced with health benefits. It is always included in the diet of those seeking to do anything with health. Though rarely an allergen, an allergic reaction is rare but possible. The fruit is often harvested green or “turn”, then shipped and sold partially ripen. However in the Caribbean […]

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