Crushed Green Plantains with cabbage and Saltfish Jamaican Breakfast

crushed plantains Jamaican breakfast

I’m a morning person and a breakfast person. I believe breakfast should be a solid start for everyone’s day. Growing up in the countryside of Jamaica, West Indies, I have a deep appreciation for ground food. Today I’m having green Plantains, fried and crushed then fried some more. Sounds weird, I know, for all those who never had this dish, I guarantee you’ll absolutely love it.

While in school, mom would make this version on the weekends, and I would get out of bed just to make sure I had mine warm and crisp. Wash my face, brush my teeth, and to the kitchen I went. She would put a spin on everything she cooked. So naturally, that rubbed off on me as well. I have my own style of making this delicious creation. Plantains can be cooked various ways, including roasted, fried or boiled. It’s usually the ripen version that’s boiled with other ground food.

Fried Green Plantains


Pealed, cleaned of excess skin and sliced in to three parts with a little salt sprinkled on them and tossed. Add to medium hot Olive Oil and turn slightly once golden yellow. Once all sides are golden yellow, take out each piece, place on a paper towel sheet or two, and press with your palm to crush. Once crushed, place the plantains back in the pot for final cooking. The result is below.

Frying crushed plantains

I’m having some cabbage and saltfish with mine today. I know my fellow Jamaicans are all jealous viewing this mouth watering delight. Saltfish is rather easy to cook, simply boil to remove the salt for 20 mins then add to your cabbage and vegetable mix. Once done, serve with your crushed plantains and your choice of tea or beverage. Your taste buds will think you later and you’re sure to enjoy your work of art.

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