Curry Goat

curried goat dish

Curried Goat is an island favorite in Jamaica. Just about every restaurant and cook-shop on the tropical rock serves this savory dish. Traditionally with white rice and lemonade, this dish is a unique combination, which¬†stems from it’s Indian roots. Though it is usually prepared with pepper, for flavor and taste enhancement, it’s also served without peppers. Enjoyed by visitors and locals, this dish is truly here to stay.

From the Middle East to the Caribbean, goat is a popular delicacy at home and in restaurants. It’s gamy taste makes it unique among dishes, being prepared in a variety of ways. Finding it’s way in stew, soup and even roasted in some cultures, the taste is simply delicious.

The animals are rather easy to rare, eating mostly grass and shrubs along the side of roads or forestry in nearby bushes. Farmers and butchers in Jamaica often have a family of goats being rared to sell, or butcher for meat. A healthy adult goat is a highly sought after commodity in the meat-shop, and usually commands top dollar. It’s usually the first animal to leave the shelves and countertops of the meat shops.

Among every restaurant, is a chef, and they all know how to prepare the meal. Though popular and in high demand, the dish tastes slightly different from plate to plate. Everyone has their own spin on what the best ingredients are, how long to marinate, what spices to use and how long to cook.

Well prepared meals are usually soft and easy to eat. Others rush the cooking process because of demand by customers and even by habit, and the meat is often hard to chew and digest. Oddly enough, some customers prefer different cooking styles, so everyone stays in business.

If you’re ever in Jamaica, be sure to check out a few different restaurants and try their Curry Goat dish and let us know what you think!