Fried Breadfruit w/Ackee and Saltfish

It’s rare you’ll find a Jamaican who doesn’t like the delicious combination of Breadfruit of any variety with Ackee and Saltfish. Considered the National Dish, Ackee and Saltfish is so delicious, even when Jamaicans migrate to other countries, they still try to import or buy the combination so soulful to the senses.

Breadfruit is often roasted when “full” or ready to be prepared. The young fruit is often boiled with ground provisions and dumplings or placed in soups. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the breadfruit is a versatile food source that’s often free for the majority of Jamaicans since the tree grows easily in many areas. Not much maintenance is needed for the tree to flourish.

Breadfruit frying

Ackee is considered the national fruit of Jamaica. To this day, I’ve never figured out why it’s considered a fruit, for it cannot be eaten raw, nor does it taste good in it’s raw state. It’s a rather unique item, for it’s taste cannot be compared to anything else that I know. I use the Linstead Market Brand because it tastes better than even the grace brand.

Jamaica's National Fruit

Ackee and saltfish is considered the national dish of Jamaica. Hence it’s a very popular dish and often eaten with just about everything Jamaicans can cook up. From bread to Yam, the Ackee and Saltfish is cooked in just about every household.

This morning’s dish is a common delight, simple to make and super delicious. Simply fry the roast breadfruit, boil the saltfish, boil the ackee, cook the saltfish and ackee together with local spices (sweet peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, black pepper, thyme, onion and scallions).

The result is an amazing blend of tastes that satisfies the taste buds to a level previously unknown. When you begin eating this meal, all you can think about is eating more and more until you can’t eat anymore. This is one dish Jamaicans often never leave on the plate. Think you can handle it? If you’re ever in a Jamaican Restaurant or in Jamaica, be sure to ask for this item. You’ll be back for more, I promise you!

breadfruit and national dish