Growing Sugar Cane from Seeds – Jamaican Gardening

sugar cane plant

The title alone will make most of you click on this article. Many people have never heard of sugar cane seeds, yet we never think about how sugar canes are grown. I mean it’s one of those things that just simply alludes our mind, because we never think about how it comes about. When I was a little boy, my paternal grandfather had many cattle, and a butcher shop. He would raise cows, pigs and chickens to slaughter and sometimes just sell as whole animals.The pen that was home to the cows, was quite large. It was filled with a type of grass we called “Water Grass” and along the far side it had a variety of cane we called wild cane. The cows simply loved it.

Sometimes, there was just too much wild cane, and they would grow very tall, then blossom. Wish I could go back and take pics 🙂 I never thought much of this until more than 20 years later, when I see people selling sugar cane seeds. This both amazed me and also brought back lots of memories. I remember breaking a few of these wild canes and eating them. The taste was like a little salt was mixed with a mildly sweet cane taste. Absolutely delicious as a kid. Next time I visit, I’m definitely going to see if I can find any.

But for those of you who wish to try growing your own sugar cane, you can use these links.

Absolutely heart warming to watch them grow to full sized plants. I think sugar cane is one thing I can never get tired of. For newcomers, your mouth will get tired of chewing the first few times you try it, then your jaws will gain new strength. A revolution of sweetness springs from the cane to your taste buds giving you an instant sugar rush of excitement.

If you have access to a green grocery store or farmers market, you may be able to purchase sugar cane stalks. Here in Atlanta, the Dekalb Farmers Market as well as the Forest Park Farmers Market sells sugar cane every so often.

sugar cane for sale

Please Note: there are places that sell sugar cane juice…this is FAR from the real thing. The taste is absolutely different from the real thing, and real practice of chewing sugar cane to get the juice. Once cane juice hits the air, it begins to oxidize and it’s taste is almost immediately changed. It’s just one of those unique things that must be enjoyed in its natural form.