Orange Strawberry Natural Drink – Jamaican Style

blender strawberries orange

Often times we see fruit blend juices in supermarkets that look pretty good. Yet the moment you take a good look at the ingredients, it’s simply amazing that a drink with two main ingredients have upwards of 10+ ingredients, all artificial. I truly find it quite sad that companies resort to this kind of behavior, simply to save money. Only a few companies have taken the path to truly offer natural ingredients in their juice products.

None-the-less, even those that offer artificial ingredients, gives a great basis for what fruits and vegetables are great for mixing and matching in juices. If you want to be completely original, you can of course figure things out yourself. The process of picking and choosing can also be a great learning experience, if you like challenges or have small children. Kids love to help and create new things. This is one way you’re sure their attention will be occupied and also be apart of something you’re doing.


Today, we’re making Orange-Strawberry drink with a little ginger. The ingredients are:

  1. Sliced Oranges (2x)
  2. Strawberries (7x)
  3. Ginger (about an inch)
  4. Water (Filtered or bottled)
  5. Honey (Or your sweetener of choice)
  6. Optional (A sprinkle of lemon juice)

The honey portion is really something you will need to gauge yourself over time. After the first blend, you can taste the mix and decide if you need to add more honey and blend another 7 seconds.

blender strawberries orange

Grab your blender and place all the ingredients inside. Fill with water up to about 3/4 of the blender. There needs to be a decent amount of space inside to accommodate to the whirlpool that will be generated inside. Make sure you cover the lid, then blend the ingredients for 15-20 seconds.

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  1. Once done, unplug the blender (plenty of accidents and spills happen if you miss this step).
  2. Remove the top portion with the juice and place on a countertop. 
  3. Grab a large bowl
  4. Grab a very fine strainer
  5. Strain portions of the juice from the blender top into the bowl until complete
  6. Wash the strainer and blender top
  7. Strain the Juice back into the blender top
  8. Serve in cups or bottles or store in fridge.

orange strawberry drink

orange strawberry drink in bottle

This is an absolutely delicious natural juice mix. I bring it to work and just about everywhere I go, especially in the summer time.