Corned Beef Breakfast for Two Jamaican Classic

corned beef breakfast

For as long as I can remember, corned beef is a favorite of everyone I know. It’s beef, already cooked in a can, and even have some fat/oil already in the can. Often paired with cabbage or simply cooked some more by itself, corned beef makes a tasty and simple treat that compliments just about anything you pair it with. I mean you can eat this thing with bread, dumplings, rice, rice and peas, cabbage and so much more. Today I’ll show you two variations of that, which I find rather tasty and interesting.

My first dish is a twin variety of fried green plantains. Plantains are just one of my absolute favorites. It’s just so easy to make, and tastes absolutely satisfying. It’s cousin to the banana family of ground food, just larger and more filling. The green variety of plantains are usually roasted or fried, or simply left around until it’s ripen. When ripen, it’s also fried or can also be boiled for a sweet tasting treat with other ground food.

Dumplings can often be treated the same as plantains. We typically fry or boil dumplings for breakfast in Jamaica, and it’s one of the simplest and quickest things to cook all day long. So with the option of plantains or dumplings, I thought, why choose?

On the left we have the fried crushed plantains and a single whole plantain with corned beef and Milo tea. On the right we have boiled dumplings with corned beef and Milo.

Let me tell you, no matter which dish you choose from this selection, you’re sure to have a blast. The aroma, taste and texture of both meals are simply delicious. I mean succulent goodness will burst with flavor as you chew and embrace every flavor in each bite.

Trust me, if you ever try these dishes, you’ll be thanking me later for exposing you to them!

corned beef breakfast