Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking = Zero Cholesterol

olive oil extra virgin

For a long time I hear people say that fried foods are no good. We should indulge moderately or rather low in fried foods of any variety. It seemed strange to me, for every culture on earth fries at least some of their food on a regular basis. One day while dining with an Italian friend of mine, I saw her eating bread and olive oil as her pre-meal snack. I asked her how she does it, for that just doesn’t look appetizing. My friend explained that olive oil is one of, if not, the healthiest oils out there used in cooking and non-cooked meals. Why? Because it has zero cholesterol.

I was instantly amazed, for I was on my way to a more healthy lifestyle. Even though I’ve heard about olive oil and many others, I never looked up it’s nutritional value. This prompted me to begin my search on this wonder oil. To my surprise, my friend was right, especially extra virgin olive oil has no cholesterol, no fat and touted as being a super food additive that can boost the immune system as well. All in all, it’s healthy in all respects.

Since then, you will never find anything else in my kitchen. All my cooking is done with olive oil, and I do fry quite a bit of my food. So while you browse through all the amazing dishes on this page, remember that it’s all healthy.

I do realize that Olive Oil may be a bit more expensive than your run of the mill combined oils of a cheaper variety, however I have one question for you. Would you rather a $7 bottle of olive oil every few weeks or a $300+ doctor bill monthly or even more frequently with the various ailments that come from frequent use of other oils? I’d rather spend the extra few bucks and know I’m on a healthy plan, than risk my health for such a low cost.