Plantain Porridge – Jamaican Breakfast

A rarity in my home, is this amazing porridge made from Green Plantains. Since I came to the age of understanding, I’ve loved the taste and smell of plantain porridge. Just about everyone in my family made this porridge at one time or another.


Though simple in preparation, it takes time and patience to pull off the right balance to make this breakfast delight enjoyable. Beginning with a manual process of peeling and grating the green plantains, next is adding it to a bowl and a little water. Mixing and beating out any lumps with a wooden spoon, then adding it in a pot with fire underneath.

Stir and sooth under a medium low fire until thick and bubbling slowly. Be Careful as this stuff will pop some large bubbles and possibly spill on your hand!

Usually complete within 20-30 minutes.

Add condensed milk, nutmeg (pinch), 2 pinches of salt, cinnamon leaf and if you so desire, brown sugar. Sweeten to your desire, turn off stove and let it sit for 10 minutes then serve.

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