Stew Fish with Quinoa & Veggies for Dinner

quinoa fish dinner

Starting a healthy diet is not an easy one, especially if it’s your first time. There are many healthy foods that simply won’t taste good your first and even second time around. Sometimes it takes some getting used to before you start to get comfortable with the taste. This is the case with quinoa. Until recent years, this was a pretty rare food in the states. A common grain that’s still popular today is rice. However with recent studies, rice has been proven to be a rather unhealthy meal additive, especially if eaten on a regular basis. Flour based products have also been proven to be detrimental to health.

According to Nurtition Data, quinoa has these important health points:

quinoa nutrition data

With no cholesterol count, nor saturated fat, quinoa is touted as one of the most healthy grains available for mass consumption. And as with most healthy foods, it’s the last pick on the list for many people.

The only suggestion I can make is “Try It!”. There’s no better way to know whether or not you can or will eat something. Your taste buds are the masters of this arena and there are no shortcuts. Some people will simply not eat it, while others will be eager to try. Take baby steps and a positive attitude when you begin your quest, you’re sure to have a smoother ride.

steam porgy fish

Today I’ve prepared steamed fish with quinoa and lettuce. I’d love to share, and I’m sure you’d love it. The contrast of tastes makes this dish unique and absolutely delicious. The sea salt, fresh spices and potatoes come together in a blast of goodness to deliver a mighty punch. A little black pepper goes a long way, as it contrasts the flavor and brings in a little spice. All in all, this right here is a solid meal. I’d eat it just about every day!