Saltfish & Fried Dumplings

dumplings and saltfish

Who can resist fried dumplings and the captivating aroma of saltfish? Soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside, fried dumplings are both a common breakfast and dinner item for Jamaicans. Saltfish can be saute’d or cooked with beans or other local delights. This meal is usually served with a choice of chocolate tea or any other variety of hot sweetness.

From babies to the elderly, almost everyone in Jamaica loves fried dumplings. Made from simple ingredients, dumplings are simply amazing and delicious. If you’ve never tried them, you’re truly missing out on a chunk of life. Served traditionally with some form of saltfish meal, dumplings can be fried or boiled (sometimes even roasted). They’re made from Flour, salt, Baking Powder and water. The results will have you asking for more.

Saltfish on the other hand is not a local item. It is generally imported from various countries, most popularly Norway. It’s simply codfish, drenched in salt and dried, packaged and shipped to various parts of the world. Once it hits local stores, it is sometimes placed back in water for a short period of time to gain weight then sold at a profit. Locals often see this tactic, but it’s demand is simply too high for store-owners to change their tactic.

Saltfish is often cooked with simple ingredients as well. First boiled to remove excessive salt, then fried with oil and water with local spices like onion, scotch bonnet peppers, sweet peppers black pepper and tomatoes.

Sometimes hidden in the fish are tiny bones, so be careful not to swallow any!

Only thing left to do is serve this amazingly simple combination on a plate, serve with tea, and your tummy will definitely thank you later. If you’re ever vacationing or visiting Jamaica, be sure to check out this super delicious breakfast meal and let us know your thoughts!